Alexander Rauscher


Dr Alexander Rauscher is an Associate Professure (tenure) in the Department of Pediatrics. He obtained his PhD in Physics from the TU Vienna, Austria, and after post-doctoral training at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany, he joined the UBC MRI Research Centre at the University of British Columbia in 2007. He became Assistant Professor at the Department of Radiology at UBC in 2010. In 2012, he received a CIHR New Investigator Award. In 2015 he joined the Department of Pediatrics at UBC as a Canada Research Chair in Developmental Neuroimaging. Dr Rauscher’s work focuses on the development and utilization of new quantitative magnetic resonance imaging methods for brain research. The overarching goal of this research is to develop markers for tissue damage and repair in the central nervous system. [Email] [Twitter]


Current Lab Members

Christina Graf (visiting), postdoctoral fellow, mathematics/biomedical engineering

Lara Bartles, PhD Student in Physics

Jon Doucette, PhD student in Physics

Alex Jaffray, PhD student in Physics

Christian Kames, PhD student in Physics

Sam Connolly, MSc Student in Physics

Michelle Medina, MSc Student in Physics

Recent Past Lab Members

Aisling Fothergill, Undergraduate student in Physics

Suliat Yakubu, Undergraduate Student, Physics

Nicholas Ioannidis, Coop student, engineering Physics

Rory McKerchar, FLEX student 2020

Nayanica Biswas, MITACS Globalink summer student 2020

Jakob Seja, visiting graduate student in Biomedical Engineering

Shafkat Hussain, coop student in Engieneering Physics

Laura Kim, undergraduate student in Physics

Yuting Zhang, MD, postdoc, MD

Christoph Birkl, Ph.D, Erwin Schrödinger Postdoctoral Fellow, now postdoc at Medical University Innsbruck

Vanessa Wiggermann, Ph.D student in Physics, now postdoc at the Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance

Nino Hernández-Torres, Ph.D, postdoc, now research scientist at the Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance

Alex Weber, Ph.D, postdoc, now faculty at BC Children’s hospital

Daniel Kor, Engineering Physics undergraduate, now MSc student at Oxford University

Past Lab Members until 2018

Mike Jarret, MSc, research scientis

Luckshi Rajendran, FLEX student

Leo Hu, FLEX student

Craig Stewart (medical student) summer student

Friedrich Anastasopoulos, summer student

Lucy Wei (undergraduate)

Joanna Yuen (undergraduate). Joanna is now a medical student.

Anna Pukropski (visiting summer student)

Alina Elter (visiting summer student)

Andreas Schmidbauer (visiting summer student)

Nora Kassner (visiting summer student)

Maddy Daemen (visiting summer student)

Jaching Hung (undergraduate)

Chouson Chun (undergraduate)

Evan Chen (MSc)

Stephanie Schoerner (visiting summer student)

Inga Ibs (visiting summer student)

Seyedmorteza Rohani Rankouhi (visiting graduate student)

Michael Fan (undergraduate)

Elham Shahinfard (PostDoc)

Christian Denk (graduate student)

Glen Foster (PostDoc)

Kelly McPhee (undergraduate student)

Meng Yuan (visiting summer student)

Daniel Rieger (visiting summer student)

Sandy Wright (UBC Okanagan)

Christopher Ward (undergraduate)